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Penang: 4-Course Meal at RM19.90 including 1 Scoop Of Haagen Dazs Icecream + Soup + Drink

So, www.1000savings.com heard some complains about "1000savings.com publishes promotions targeting ONLY Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area :'( :'( :'(  ".

Worry not! Now we are publishing a deal for Penangites / Penang "kia":

Today's Voucher:Enjoy 4 Course Meal At OnlyRM19.90 Instead Of RM33.99 including Soup + Drink + 1 Scoop Of Haagen Dazs Icecream @ Manila Place (Gurney Plaza)

What you get in this EziVoucher?

Indulge yourself a 4 Course Meal with an attractive and sleek modern decors restaurant at only RM19.90 coupled with a touch of fusion jazz music.

For only RM19.90 You are entitled to enjoy all the followings:

Choose any 1 of the following main course: 

 - Spaghetti Carbonara
- Spicy Shrimp Aglio-Olio Pasta
- Grilled Fish Fillet with Marinara Sauce


Creamy Mushroom Soup

Iced Honey Green Tea

1 Scoop Of Haagen Dazs Ice-Cream Dessert 

Walk in, show your voucher code and enjoy the Deal


So, hurry up and buy this deal now by visiting Ezivoucher: Enjoy 4 Course Meal At Only RM19.90 Instead Of RM33.99 including Soup + Drink + 1 Scoop Of Haagen Dazs Icecream @ Manila Place (Gurney Plaza).
(with currently 284 Penangites buying this deal, we can't be wrong right?)

:D :D :D

p/s: if you have any information regarding group buying sites in Malaysia (KL, Johor, Penang etc), welcome to inform us: webmaster@1000savings.com

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This is just one of May 2011 promotions. Click the link to find out more about promotions that happens in May 2011.

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