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RM20 for RM50 Worth of Gelato, Sorbet and Other Desserts at Lecka-Lecka at e@Curve. Use Unlimited Certificates Per Receipt!

Click to buy RM20 (worth RM50) voucher for Lecka-Lecka at e@Curve.


Tongues need treats every once in awhile to stay focused on their job of wagging as well as to satiate their sweet tooth roommate. Today’s deal will treat any candy-coated craving – RM20 for RM50 worth of gelato and anything else on the menu, such as waffles, milkshakes and sundaes, at Lecka-Lecka, e@Curve. You can also bring home 1/2kg and 1kg packs.

Authentic Italian gelato made with a traditional Italian recipe is savoured at Lecka-Lecka, who makes their gelato fresh daily. With this deal, you’ll spoil yourself silly with anything on the menu worth up to RM50 (you may also choose to use multiple certificates). This includes gelato, sorbets, brownies, waffles, smoothies, milkshakes and yoghurt shakes among others.

Lecka-Lecka’s daily made gelatos are a must-try. Gelato genies will prepare cups made with milk instead of cream with almost no air whipped in. This means an utterly rich texture and dense consistency that is 99.4% fat free will thoroughly indulge your taste buds. Don’t fret if you have a high sugar count, as they can also whip you up their soy-based gelato, which is sugar-free.

You can also choose to order lip-smacking 99.9% fat free sorbets. Their zesty tart flavours are made from fresh fruit, sugar and lemon juice, so calorie goblins have no place to sneak in any milk, cream or eggs. Slurp up single, double or even triple scoops simply because you can.
If you’re feeling munchy, brownie fairies will conjure up melt-in-your-mouth squares topped with a scoop of gelato of your choice. Waffle enthusiasts can also join in the fun with warm, fluffy waffles also with the gelato you crave for.

Slush elves will also tempt you with thick milkshakes, lush smoothies and delish yogurt shakes, but you can decide to dip yourself in fresh fruit juices or a Café Latte instead. If your inner temptress tells you to bring some back for the family or your next couch potato stint, you can also get 1/2kg (RM25) and 1kg (RM45) packs of gelato or sorbet to go.

So what are you waiting for? Click to buy RM20 (worth RM50) voucher for Lecka-Lecka at e@Curve. You can check out Lecka-Lecka's menu at the link above! Hurry

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