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German Classic Roast Turkey Drumstick Set Meal at RM9.90?

Be among the first to experience Malaysia's first & only turkey restaurant Kafe Turkey Point!

Now you can have turkey dishes everyday, without having to wait for Christmas once a year! Expect to tantalize your tastebuds with a range of delicious turkey cuisines such as Curry Turkey, Chicken Frankfurter with Turkey Ham, England Stewed Turkey, Fried Turkey Wing, Turkey Steak, Cheese Baked Turkey, Turkey Salad, Turkey Sandwich, Hinckley's Turkey Burger with Fries and Roast Turkey Drumstick. We also serve other dishes such as Lamb Chop or Cheese Baked Fish.

Kafe Turkey Point
We take orders for Whole Roasted Turkey (5kg and above bird) and Lamb Leg (3kg and above) for your home parties, birthdays etc (applicable for eat in or take away, 2 days advanced booking required). We also offer space for your company / private parties or function for up to 100 people.
Our turkeys are from Australia and come with Halal CertificationBesides being delicious, turkeys also present health benefits such as:
Health Benefits
 Turey Paint
So what are you waiting for, come down for a delicious meal and enjoy the health benefits that come with it:
Health Benefits

What You Get When You Purchase This Everyday Coupons?
  • German Classic Roast Turkey served with Veggies and Turkey Rice
  • Turkey Soup
  • 1 Drink
    (Choose from F&N Blackcurrent, Orange, Sarsi, Cool Ice Cream Soda or Smashing Strawberry; Seasons Cincau, Chrysantimum or Ice Lemon Tea; 100 Plus or Coke - while stocks last)

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