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RM15 for a Set Meal for TWO PERSONS (3 Choices) at Kell's Restaurant & Cafe, Solaris Dutamas. HALAL [up to 62% OFF]

Western chef:             My dish is the best, see my famous roast chicken, finger licking good!
Thai chef:                    Kam kam kap... lose my tomyam a bit... see, the prawns so fresh, still swimming in the soup :P
Malaysia chef:             Shaddap lah u two, did u manage to see what's so great about my fried rice?
Western & Thai chef: What's so great, huh?
Malaysia chef:             Nasi Goreng USA. Made in America. Good quality.
Western & Thai chef: =.="
Three HALAL Set Meals to choose from for only RM15 each (yes, RM15 for 2 person):
Set A: Roast Chicken + Roast Chicken Sandwich + 2 Drinks of Sprite Orange or Sirap Selasih + 2 Bread & Butter Pudding (Worth RM39)
Set B: White Rice + Tomyam or Soup + Mee Hoon Ladna + 2 Drinks of Sprite Orange or Sirap Selasih + 2 Bread & Butter Pudding (worth RM30.50)
Set C: Nasi Goreng USA + Fried Noodle + 2 Drinks of Sprite Orange or Sirap Selasih + 2 Bread & Butter Pudding (worth RM33.50)
Well known for its flaming hot, Roast Chicken and their warm hospitality, Kell’s Restaurant & Café provides scrumptious meals at amazingly affordable prices.
Choose Set A to add to the rave reviews of the Roast Chicken. If the trip crossing Sungai Golok’s communal, albeit illegal entry, slurping on hot, authentic Tomyam is a trip to remember, then miss not on Set B. Set C is all about a clash of identity or a simple case of 1 Malaysia; everything goes. Nasi Goreng USA, with its sunny side up is a complete meal in itself.
All set meals come with a sweet ending of delectable and infamous Bread & Butter Pudding and of course 2 choices of drinks; Sprite Orange or Sirap Selasih.

One voucher is for two persons. 

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