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Pizza Hut: 10 Cheesy, Chunky, Oozing, Piping Hot Layers of Pizza! (NEW Chunky Loaded Pizza)

So you are a pizza fans and have been following all the HOT vouchers of Pizza Hut last week?

Let us test you: Have u seen a pizza with 10 layers of toppings?

If your answer is NEVER, Pizza Hut is the first to offer you the NEW Chunky Loaded Pizza for bigger bites to share with your friends, family and your loved ones!

Click the picture to find out more about this amazing deal !

Pizza Hut is introducing its new and delicious 10 layered pizza, laced with crunchy tortilla chips, salty mozzarella and stringy cheese smothered in delicious Napoli sauce and freshly oven bake on a crust that’s not too thick and not too thin.

Check out this pizza now!

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