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POPULAR: Buy 1 FREE 1 TGV Ticket You are the Apple of My Eye

To all POPULAR Card members, good news for you!

If you are a fan of "You are the Apple of My Eye" movie, 
you get to enjoy Buy 1 FREE 1 of this movie's Premier Tickets!

It's only availalbe to POPULAR Card members 
& screening will only be held at 2 locations: 
TGV Sunway & TGV 1st Avenue, Penang.

How to get it?
You need to be at the cinema at the following date & time
and present your POPULAR member card 
to enjoy Buy 1 FREE 1 for the movie "You Are the Apple of My Eye".

Movie: You Are the Apple of My Eye
Date: 29th October 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 11:00 a.m.

Location: TGV Sunway (Hall 5)
Ticket Price: RM12/ticket

Location: TGV 1st Avenue, Penang
Ticket Price: RM10/ticket

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