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Get FREE tickets to "THE FOUR" Movie

Get FREE tickets to "THE FOUR" Movie
Giveaway period: 26th July 2012
Giveaway time: 2 hour before screening time
Screening time: 7pm and 9:30pm
Location: GSC @ Pavilion KL

All you have to do is like the “iLikeCM” FB page, check-in to Pavilion GSC with the status “I’m here for the Celestial Superstar Club Movie Night”, and show them the check-in.

Terms & Conditions
  • One free seat per like, check-in and shout-out. 
  • "The FOUR" movie screening at Pavilion GSC on 26th July 2012 with two screening times: 7pm and 9.30pm. 
  • Ticket redemption begins 2 hour before screening time. 
  • First come first served. 
  • Celestial Movies reserves the right to make the final decision.

天映星CLUB大聯盟」之 《四大名捕》電影特別場


在七月廿六日(周四)晚上七點及九點半,天映頻道將於Pavilion GSC戲院舉行兩場「天映星CLUB大聯盟」電影特別場,放映由鄧超、劉亦菲、鄭中基、黃秋生主演的最新中文電影 《四大名捕》。

參加方法非常簡單:只要當日到Pavilion GSC戲院,利用手機向當場的職員顯示已‘like’天映頻道的iLikeCM facebook專頁,並即場分享「我現在參加天映星CLUB大聯盟」電影特別場!」的語句,就有資格排隊換領戲票。

.每一個人只可換一張票,並已‘like’天映頻道的iLikeCM facebook頁及即場分享有關語句

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