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FREE DERMALOGICA's Travel-Size Daily Microfoliant!

FREE DERMALOGICA's Travel-Size Daily Microfoliant!

While some people are blessed with great skin, most others have to work towards it. To help you on your personal journey towards clear and radiant skin, we invite you to 'get naked' with dermalogica - literally, to strip off all the make-up, dirt and grime covering your skin and to share your real skin concerns with dermalogica.

Only when you 'come clean' about your skin, can dermalogica delivers the right tools, products and education that you will need to achieve great skin health!

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You can collect your FREE DERMALOGICA's Travel-Size Daily Microfoliant at:

  • Jacare Beauty House, Taman Ipoh Jaya Ipoh on 31 August & 1 Sept 2012. Contact 05-3124649
  • Calee Beauty Consultants, Damansara Utama PJ on 7 Sept 2012. Contact 03-77268816
  • D’Reena Beauty House, Seremban 2 on 8 Sept 2012. Contact 06-6012727
  • Le Beaute Esthetiq, Bandar Mahkota Cheras on 9 Sept 2012. Contact 03-9076 3689
  • Carlisane Beauty House, Semenyih Sentral on 15 Sept 2012. Contact 012-2138826
  • Faceveil Beauty, Jalan Masjid Negeri Penang on 23 Sept 2012. Contact 04-6599925
  • Joys Beauty Garden, Lot T10, 11, 12, 3rd Floor,CapSquare Centre, KL on 27 Sept 2012. Contact 03-26940609
  • Amy Beauty Centre, Seremban on 28 Sept 2012. Contact 06-7617452, 06-6789472
  • SL Beauty Specialist Centre, Desa Aman Puri KL on 29 Sept 2012. Contact 03-62751130
  • Tini Beauty Salon & Spa, Shah Alam on 30 Sept 2012. Contact 03-55125388

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