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PETRONAS CoffeeBreak for Chinese New Year 2013

PETRONAS CoffeeBreak for Chinese New Year 2013

Date : 
  • 7 - 9 Feb 2013
  • 15 - 17 Feb 2013

Take a coffee break at selected PETRONAS station for a smoother balik kampung journey!

While on the way balik kampung, do drop by at any of the 33 selected PETRONAS station to enjoy a variety of drinks and snack, all for FREE courtesy of PETRONAS. 

33 selected PETRONAS station location :

Central of Peninsular Malaysia
  • Genting Sempah PETRONAS Station
  • Kpg Sg. Haji Dorani PETRONAS Station
  • Rawang RSA PETRONAS Station
  • Tanjung Karang 1 PETRONAS Station
  • Tanjung Karang 2 PETRONAS Station
  • ELITE Highway PETRONAS Station
  • SOLARIS Putra PETRONAS Station

North of Peninsular Malaysia
  • Kuala Ketil PETRONAS Station
  • Simpang Pulai South PETRONAS Station
  • Simpang Pulai North PETRONAS Station
  • R&R Tapah PETRONAS Station
  • Sungai Perak Selatan PETRONAS Station
  • Sungai Perak Utara PETRONAS Station
  • Gunung Semanggol PETRONAS Station
  • Ulu Bernam PETRONAS Station

East of Peninsular Malaysia
  • Bentong R&R PETRONAS Station
  • Jertih PETRONAS Station
  • Guchil Jaya PETRONAS Station
  • Muadzam Shah 2 PETRONAS Station
  • Gambang West PETRONAS Station
  • Gambang East PETRONAS Station
  • Mukim Sura PETRONAS Station
  • Gua Musang PETRONAS Station

South of  of Peninsular Malaysia
  • Machap South PETRONAS Station
  • Machap North PETRONAS Station
  • Seremban RSA North PETRONAS Station
  • Seremban RSA South PETRONAS Station
  • Air Keroh North PETRONAS Station
  • Air Keroh South PETRONAS Station

  • Betong PETRONAS Station
  • Jalan Mile 13 PETRONAS Station
  • Kuching-Serian PETRONAS Station

  • Lahad Datu PETRONAS Station
  • Jalan Tuaran PETRONAS Station

PETRONAS wishes you a smooth, comfortable and safe journey with PETRONAS Coffee Break.

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