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CooperVision: FREE Trial Contact Lens Giveaway

Trial period: 1st October 2013 to 31st December 2013

Start your journey to a clearer vision with CooperVision
Simply provide your details and choose your free product!


You can choose either Biomedics® 1 day Extra (daily) or Biofinity (month)

Biomedics® 1 day Extra

Introducing Biomedics® 1 day Extra for your most natural and comfortable lens wearing experience. Designed to maximise the feeling of natural all-day comfort. An excellent upgrade for existing 1 day wearers, a great starting point for those new to lenses or for those monthly lens wearers wanting to upgrade to the extra convenience 1 day lenses offer.

Biofinity Family

The Biofinity family of contact lenses is created with our most advanced material that brings high levels of oxygen and water together like never before. Aquaform® Technology creates a unique material that is highly breathable, soft and moist helping to keep eyes clear, white and healthy looking.

This naturally wettable lens material holds water within the lens making it soft, moist and resistant to some deposits. Nothing comes between the wearer and a comfortable, healthy, wearing experience.

FREE Trial Lenses Giveaway

The contact lens could be collected at the selected MOG outlets stated in the website. To claim the free trial, just submit your information and select the outlets that you want to redeem your free product!

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