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UNIQLO: Free HEATTECH Products Giveaway

Application period: 1-11 Nov 2013

Do you want to wear UNIQLO's HEATTECH to keep you warm? Then enter the ‘Feel The Warmth’ campaign for a chance to win one for you and everyone you recommend!

UNIQLO will give away HEATTECH products to 100,000 people worldwide. Why not give HEATTECH to your family members, friends, schoolmates, business colleagues, or others dear to you who will work hard this season, or even to yourself?

Steps by steps to win HEATTECH giveaway:
  1. APPLY: Apply for the 'Feel The Warmth' campaign from your PC or smartphone.
  2. Winners are notified via email: The URL to access the gift coupon is specified in the email. Access the URL via smartphone.
  3. Get your HEATTECH product at any store: Once at a UNIQLO store, bring the selected HEATTECH product to the cashier and redeem the product using the gift coupon displayed on the smartphone.
  4. Send your comment and photo: Please visit the URL stated in the winner's notification email received in Step 2, and send your comment and photo by completing the sender’s form on the URL.

Apply for the HEATTECH now!!

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