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Best in Travel 2011: free download from iBookstore. By Lonely Planet

So you told us you love travelling a lot?
We don't believe you if you haven't download Lonely Planet's "Best in Travel 2011"!

Best in Travel 2011 by Lonely Planet is now available for FREE in iBookstore (until 14 June 2011)! Best in Travel is a decision-making bible, a book that will 'help get you off your bum and start the adventure of a lifetime.'

Browse through Lonely Planet experts' top 10 cities, countries and regions for the year. You will also get to know:

  • best value destinations for 2011
  • best secret beaches
  • calendar so you can plan where to go when
  • best vampire spotting locales and many more

So, why aren't you downloading already?
It's free until 14 June 2011 only!

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