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Thirsty? Get Milky Tea With Extra Pearl For Only RM1!

Tired of the coffee trends? Something new is hitting tea houses and coffeeshops across the country! It’s bubble tea!! This bizarre drink also goes by the names of 'boba', 'pearl tea', or 'bubble drink'. It’s part drink, part dessert snack, and all fun!!
Fun Taipei Teacafe
Fun Taipei Teacafe Milky Tea Menu

Fun Taipei Teacafe Milky Tea Menu

Bubble tea is far from the plain-looking tea you are familiar with! It comes in a wild variety of flavours and colours.It's cool, refreshing, and a sweet drink with tapioca pearls sitting on the bottom of a clear cup! So go ahead...if you haven't try these famous drinks yet, go and try it now! Challenge your palate with peach, lychee, mango and many more! There is also the more traditional green or black tea flavours. It can be served either hot or cold.

If you've ever tried these bubble tea, you'll know how yummy  this unique sweet drink can be! So with this awesome deal, you can now have a bubble tea that's worth RM 4.50 for only RM1.00!!!
Before i can step on the land of Taiwan (1 of my fav country) I won't miss out any chance to try any Taiwanese food restaurant that I know. This Fun Taipei Teacafe is one of the latest eatery at SS2 where restaurants and cafes are at every nook & cranny.  -mimid3vils.blogspot.com

All of us really enjoyed their bubble tea (which I didnt take any picture of :p). I guess I will come back for the bubble tea and maybe to try some of the snacks..  - food-4-thot.blogspot.com

Forgot to take a picture of our drinks which we both ordered their Bubble Milk Tea. And I can say that it's really good. The taste of milk tea is strong and not just powder. - craving4food.blogspot.com

What I enjoyed the most is this pearl milk bubble tea ... very nice drink indeed.  - vialentino.blogspot.com

Fun Taipei Tea Cafe is located at SS2, the same row as Pelita and opposite McDonald. The shop is simply moderated decorated and is not like some Taiwanese shop. The decoration of the shop is moderate and the shop is simply cozy as well. Once you entered the feel is like home - malaysianfoodie.com

What You Get When You Purchase This Everyday Coupons?
  • Milky Tea with Extra Pearls (worth RM4.50) over 20 choices to choose from at Fun Taipei Teacafe
Note: Applicable only for Regular sized drinks only (350 cc)

Hurry! Get a Milky Tea With Extra Pearl For Only RM1!!!

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