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McDonald's The Smurfs Happy Meal: Introducing Smurfette Hair Care and Vanity in Love!

If you had follow 1000savings' post on McDonald's The Smurf Happy Meal, then yes, it is officially out today, 1st September 2011!

And we might be the first to let you see the actual toys we get :D.... yay!

And may we introduce to you, Smurfette Hair Care and Vanity in Love:

And what's more interesting, Vanity in Love has a LED heart that shines when you "wave" his left hand :D

McDonald's The Smurf Happy Meal toys is available from 1 - 28 September 2012.

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ben said...

The 'singing harmony' got song/audio 1!

1000savings said...

haha... yaya... too bad today its not available at the McDonald's that we went too :( ... they say only got these 2 offered. Maybe tonite dinner we shall go to another outlet to get the 3rd one :p

Anonymous said...

I got all of these toys:
Vanity in Love, Gutsy Dancer, dizzy baker, Smurfette Haircare, Papa's Potion, Brainy's Toast, Clumsy Magic Wand, and Hefty Weight Lifter

Anonymous said...

which outlet you get it.

1000vouchers.com said...

You can get it at any Malaysia McDonald's outlet ;)

Anonymous said...

anyone know which outlet still can get this..

Anonymous said...

anyone know which outlet still can get this..

Anonymous said...

anyone got extra smurffety hair care?? can sell it to me?? please... thank you... ^^

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