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McDonald's The Smurfs Happy Meal: Introducing Clumsy's Magic Wand

So after hunting down Papa's Potion and Gutsy Dancer, we are left with the last toy for Week 2 - Clumsy's Magic Wand!

Now, this is difficult to find, as we found out that many McDonald's restaurant were out of stock very quickly!

But... after all the hardwork, we finally landed our hands on this cute little thing...

We really have to say that, this Clumsy's Magic Wand has the cutest face so far (among our collections of The Smurfs toys)!!

And, the magic wand can glow too, just like the Papa's potion. From the picture, you can clearly see the magnificent glow! Abracadabra! Tukar... TUKAR!!! hahahaha....

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