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Review: hotvoucher.com.my - Online SMS Vouchers Shop

While the city is hot about group buying discount coupon / vouchers, enters the new kid on ANOTHER block:


How it works?

According to its website, hotvoucher.com.my lets you buy vouchers using your hand phone credit instead of credit cards. And basically it lets you pay few cents to few ringgit  to 'book' the discount (unlike daily deals' site which requires you to pay the full amount)!

You shall get a SMS voucher in your SMS inbox, and you just need to show the merchants your SMS vouchers to get the discount. So in the end, you pay the merchant the discounted price offered to you instead of the full price in the menu.

Advantage of using hotvoucher.com.my (compare to group buy):
  1. You pay very little money to 'book' the discount - so if you forget to redeem your voucher, you only lose very little money.
  2. You pay by hand phone credit, instead of credit card - which is very convenient

Disadvantage of using hotvoucher.com.my
  1. As they are still at the beginning stage, there are not many deals offered.
  2. Visitors to their website might be confuse with their deal (since their write up requires a little bit of effort to understand [maybe I am not so smart as I need to read a few times... haha]), because many people are familiar with normal group buying voucher and will thought that by buying this hotvoucher, they can redeem it at the merchant without paying any more money (which is not that way).

Unknown owner of hotvoucher.com.my
We don't know which company is operating hotvoucher.com.my and we hope hotvoucher.com.my will put their company details (name, address etc) in the "Contact" section (instead of just email and a hand phone number), as this will increase their credibility with potential buyers, since buyers don't like to buy from a website that they don't know who is operating it (thus they don't trust to buy from it as it might be scam etc).

Moreover, just a suggestion to hotvoucher.com.my sales team - your sales for Chatime @ IOI Boulevard might increase more if you post a link with their menus and price - this will let user decide whether this is a good buy or not.

Right now, Hotvoucher offers 2 hotvouchers:
  1. RM2 per SMS for 3 vouchers of Chatime (valid for IOI Boulevard branch only)
    Buy 1 free 1 on any drinks (pay the higher price drink and get the lower price drink free) + RM2 discount on next purchase + 30% bill discount for next visit.
  2. Lunch at Yashiki Yakitori & Bar VIVA Home: [58%OFF] Enjoy any 1 set of Teishoku or Ramen or Sushi Set, served with Deep Dried Breaded Pork with Vegetable, Charcoal Grilled Grilled Salmon Fish Head, and Egg on Rice(for Teishoku) for only Rm18, RM22 or RM28 instead of RM53!
    RM1.50 per SMS

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